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Monday, October 9, 2017

In COPD, Stem Cells May Offset Damage Done by Smoking to Lungs, Early Study Says

If you have the proper scaffolding which allows cell-to-cell contact, then healing (naturally or by regenerative medicine) is likely to occur. The issue is having the proper scaffolding in place to which circulating cells may attach. The "pores" between the scaffolding support has to be on the order of a few microns or less. This would better allow the cells to have a 3-dimensional conformation with the cell surface in contact with support structure on all sides. If you have the proper scaffold, the body very well may heal itself as we naturally have endogenous stem cells and growth hormones. Without the proper cellular scaffolding infusing exogenous stem cells and growth hormones fail. The analogy would be akin to building a house without having the framing. You may have all the bricks (stem cells) and all the workers (growth hormones) at the work site, but without having done proper framing for the house you may end up with a lump of brick and mortar which resembles nothing like the home you envisioned and within which you cannot live/function. Simply bringing more bricks and workers to the site (akin to infusing more stem cells and growth hormones, respectively) does not give you a better outcome without the framing. If we really want to make headway in regenerative pulmonary medicine, we have to work on the proper tissue scaffolding.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

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