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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

LBJ Launches Medicare: ‘You Can't Treat Grandma This Way’ –

Pretty good rundown of the history of healthcare coverage of America. Many forget that, pre-Medicare, the elderly in America faced death, depression and destitution due to medical bills--this after working 40-45 years with loyalty to an employer. The unforeseen economic advantages to this demographic post-Medicare was one of affluence and political influence. Medicare allowed retirees to keep more of their financial assets in their own pockets allowing this population to enhance their quality of life - travel, continue to live independently for longer, splurge on their grandkids and leave nice inheritances. Importantly, Medicare also have the secondary benefit of transforming the elderly demographic from one without a voice to one with tremendous political clout and activity in our nation. Yes, Medicare isn't perfect, but considering the tremendous impact it has had on an entire demographic in our nation, I think LBJ has done right by millions of grandmas and grandpas. This begs the question, might the sequelae of the ACA so transform the middle class of America? Only time can tell, of course. We shall know the answer in about 30 years.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

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