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Friday, December 2, 2016

An 89-year-old war veteran just posted most heartbreaking job search ad ever

Poignant story. Did you know most retirees follow their bucket list for only two years? Afterwards, the routine of life may become fairly narrow-constriction of social circles and experiences-with jeopardy of isolation, boredom and despair. Perhaps a healthier way to approach retirement is as an opportunity to reconsider and refocus your life's work. The work may be more for personal fulfillment and contribution (and, perhaps, less so about money). Perhaps we should remove the term "retirement" from our parlance. After all, we didn't retirement from being a baby. We didn't retire from being a student. We didn't retire from being a daughter, a father, a grandparent or a friend. We simply did different things at different stages of our lives. Have you ever considered how we came to determine the retirement age to be age 65 in the first place? Would it surprise you that if we applied the formula used to determine this retirement age of 65 to today's actuarial data, the retirement age would be age 92? Rethink. Live well.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

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