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Friday, June 17, 2016

Working longer may lead to a longer life, new OSU research shows

I suspect there are factors other than socioeconomic which contribute to this study's findings such as remaining physically active, remaining cognitively engaged, having a structure to one's day and deriving value from feeling industrious and contributory. Bear in mind that the concept of retirement is relatively new and less than 100 years old. The retirement age of 65 is itself arbitrary and at the time it was adopted in the US government (Germany was the first to adopt a retirement age), only 5% of the population needed to be supported by retirement welfare. If that model was applied to today's actuarial data, the retirement age would be age 92. Prior data also shows that retirees with grand plans only follow their bucket lists for two years then settle into a daily routine which may be quite sedentary and socially isolating. A healthy way to approach retirement may be from a perspective of "what work will I do for the golden age of my life span?" Perhaps it is part time work, going back to school to learn a new language, skill or to explore a talent, volunteering or being a mentor to others in your prior career industry.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

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