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Thursday, June 23, 2016

College Station Medical Center to get family room

Families Matter. This is another positive move for residents of the Brazos Valley. Family-centered care is something that is close to my heart. The days of patient-centered care with unintentional family neglect may be coming to an end. In my arena, the family-centered care model is often referred to as critical care family assistance program (CCFAP). What it means, however, is that the days of family sitting, pacing and nervously awaiting news of their loved ones in dark, sterile and isolating wait areas or desolate hallways are at an end. The CCFAP model establishes a daily care team which includes volunteers, chaplain, social worker, nutritionist, nurses and physicians who make daily and frequent contact with families all in an environment that is pleasant, has access to health education (e.g. computer terminals or wifi access to digital information, diagrams, etc of health conditions), and has access to nutrition/hydration. A volunteer may make rounds every 2-3 hours with a push cart or hand basket of healthy snacks and beverages. Volunteers may also provide music therapy, pet therapy, relaxation therapy and the like. A chaplain rounds twice daily to make sure the family's spiritual, emotional and psychological needs are addressed. The social worker rallies community resources to this end-which may include offering vouchers from area business sponsors for free/discounted meals and hotel rooms. The clinical care team rounds twice daily to keep family updated of your loved one's status. I am so happy to see the start of family-centered care in our community. If you support this family-centered approach to care, make it known to your hospital. Drop a feedback comment, make a call or write a note.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

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