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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bryan Teen Dies Following Friday Crash

There are basically two mechanisms by which death occurs in a motor vehicle accident: 1. Projection 2. Crush Projection involves driver and/or passengers being projected from primary positions within the vehicle to elsewhere within or external to the vehicle. Crush occurs when the occupancy cabin is compromised and deforms upon occupants. Teen and young adult drivers are at high risk for roadway trauma (and all trauma in general) because of poorly developed frontal lobe connections. This poor connection confers poor insight making it difficult for them to properly assess risk and to modify behavior accordingly. Recent studies show that frontal lobe neural connection isn't complete until the mid-20s. "Use your own judgement" or "use common sense" advise may not be very meaningful in this demographic. Until frontal lobe connections are developed, external and specific guidance may be needed--rules of the house/road, code of conduct, specific boundaries. By the way, the auto insurance industry indirectly knew of this delayed brain function decades before neuroscience confirmed it. They knew this through their risk data--that's why you can't independently rent a car before age 24 and why insurance rates suddenly drop after age 24. Drive safely.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

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