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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Need a Personal Trainer? Look to your Pet!

By The HealthGal, Health Guide
They really do become part of the family.  Your pet is a companion, a comfort, a twenty four hour companion in your life.  They offer unconditional love and you are often inspired to show your love to them, as you do to yourself, with food.  If you are not active, then they can’t be active.  So it makes total sense that a weight loss company and a pet food and supply company would unite together to inspire the idea of owner and pet partnering together, to achieve a healthier lifestyle…….for both of you!!

The Power of Two is a program created by Purina and Jenny Craig, to help owners and their pets lose pounds, and gain healthier habits and overall health.  Jenny Craig weight loss experts and Purina Certified Weight Coaches are prepared to develop customized diet and exercise recommendations, and provide support services like regular weigh-ins and counseling.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s not only the human population in the U.S. gaining weight – the animal community, especially dogs and cats, are carrying some serious heft too.  Health professionals know that children born into “obese families” have a very high risk, especially because of lifestyle habits in the home, of becoming overweight and obese.  The same clearly applies to pets.

Dogs especially love activity – they love the outdoors; they love to walk and run and play.  So intuitively a pet owner should be doing these things with their pets.  Unfortunately, many pets do not get the exercise they need and they are being fed too large portions of food, too frequently and they are also getting “loving,” unnecessary snacks. ..similar to the feedings we give to ourselves.  These pets, who clearly love their owners unconditionally and irrespective of girth and size, are the perfect “trainers” for us.  A dog owner should be walking more than their counterparts who don’t have dogs (unless the counterpart is a happy exerciser).  So a pet can be hugely supportive, even inspirational, in terms of getting someone to move more and eat less – for the sake of their health, and the health of their pet.

The Power of Two Program offers:
  • Specific advice on diet and exercise
  • It takes into account the starting weight and state of health of both the pet owner and the pet
  • It holds the owner accountable with regular weigh-ins and consultations
  • A plan to help with setting short term and long term goals that inspire gradual progress with diet and fitness goals for the owner and the pet.
  • A sign up online at, with a free consultation from Jenny Craig for up to 90 days (not including the cost of food and shipping), and a $15 rebate on a “by-prescription”  dog or cat food order from Purina.
I think this is brilliant!! (And overdue!!)

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