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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Depressed Employees Spend 48% more on Healthcare

The NPR (11/7, Rau) "Shots" blog reports, "Depression is the most costly among 10 common risk factors linked to higher health spending on employees, according to" an analysis published in the journal Health Affairs. The study, which was "drawn from the experience at seven companies," revealed that "these factors - which also included obesity, high blood sugar and high blood pressure - were associated with nearly a quarter of the money spent on the healthcare of more than 92,000 workers." 

MedPage Today (11/7, Pittman) reports, "Depressed employees - making up roughly 11% of the work force - spent on average $2,184, or about 48% more on healthcare than their nondepressed coworkers," the study found. MedPage Today points out that the "study surveyed more than 92,400 employees." The Business Courier of Cincinnati (11/7, Ritchie, Subscription Publication) also covers the story. 

Source: ACPE Daily Digest

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