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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Early Retirement can Shorten Your Life

Early retirement can shorten your life reports a study by Shell.  #dox #in Similar studies have shown that life span decreases by 2 months for each year of early retirement.  In addition, mental function declines and depression is common.  Furthermore, most early retirees are sedentary which leads to a physical degeneration of the body.  

Retiring early to travel the world? The reality is retirees travel for the first two years then sit at home thereafter.

The better course is to have a definite plan of a "second career" for retirement.  Indeed, that second career may be expanding your hobby or volunteering.  For example, you've worked on your golf game for decades so why not participate/volunteer at youth training camps? Adults may even pay you as an instructor or buddy on the green.  The idea, is to have external obligations which are scheduled.  The schedule may be flexible such as 4 hours in the mornings only or Monday through Wednesday commitments.  

If your goal for retirement is to remain healthy, mentally sharp and happy, consider a "second retirement career".

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