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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Should You Deny Your Kids Vaccines?

Two years after Dr. Andrew Wakefield was stripped of his medical license for falsifying the medical histories of all 12 of the patients whose cases formed the basis of the 1998 study linking autism to vaccinations, controversy persists.

As reported on Bloomberg:

Now cases of some preventable childhood infections are again on the rise.  The U.S. this year is set to have the worst outbreak of whooping cough since the 1970s. Already, from January to mid-July, there have been 17,000 registered cases and nine deaths.

Pertussis and measles are the first of the childhood diseases to make a comeback in the face of vaccination refusals, probably because they are especially contagious. Last year, the U.S. recorded 222 measles cases instead of the usual 60.

See more with this CNN Video:

What is concerning is that those who were victimized by Dr. Wakefield's fraud seem undeterred in their conviction that childhood vaccinations pose more harm than benefit.  In a way, our societal amnesia regarding the ravages of childhood infections is due to the success of vaccinations.  Few recall the times when childhood mortality rate was so high that families purposely had five or more children hoping that perhaps one or two will survive to adulthood.  Few recall survivors who were irreversibly ravaged by their disease such that they were consigned to lead poor quality lives with a shortened life span. 

What concerns you about childhood vaccinations?

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