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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Brazos County Health District confirms first positive COVID-19 case

First presumptive positive Covid-19 case for the Brazos Valley. Our community remains at low risk. Stick with the basics: 1) Avoid handshaking and hand-to-face contact. 2) Cover your cough. 3) Maintain social distance (3-6 feet). 4) Disinfect hard surfaces. If you believe you need medical consultation, consider using telemedicine such as eVisits offered by area health care providers.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

A&M epidemiologist expects COVID-19 cases to increase swiftly

Good interview and information from A&M epidemiologist:
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Knee replacement surgery: What you need to know

Joint replacement surgeries are among the 10 most common surgeries in the USA. Many conditions may cause joint damage, but the most common reason is related to obesity. In general, the lower extremity joints experience 30 lbs of force for every 10 lbs of weight gain. The correlate is true, losing 10 lbs, will off-load 30 lbs of impact force from the lower extremities joints. Apart from increased load-bearing damage, the knees may splay outwards to maintain balance, called a valgus deformity ("knock-kneed" appearance). As the balance is thrown off, the gait may shift to a "waddling gait" as characterized by the vertex of the skull listing side-to-side while one walks (the vertex of the skull should stay midline and true with a normal gait). This side-to-side rocking gait increases stress on hip joints setting them up for damage. The magnitude of the joint stress directly correlates with the degree of the list from the vertical (0 degrees is normal, 5 degrees from vertical is increased stress, 15 degrees from vertical is more stress yet). Remember, as weight increases the axial skeleton does not. The axial skeleton for an individual at 150 lbs is the same as that individual at 350 lbs. As one's weight increases, the center of gravity shifts higher and higher thus, one becomes top-heavy and prone to tipping over (analogous to rollover risk of a truck vs a car). The lower body tries to compensate by splaying out the joints seeking a wider base for stability.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

Sunday, March 1, 2020

How Does the Coronavirus Compare to the Flu?

1) COVER your cough. 2) AVOID hand-to-face touching. 3) WASH hands with soap.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

C-Section: Procedure, risks, and recovery

C-section surgeries are among the 10 most common surgeries in the USA. There is a concerted effort in the medical community to reduce the use of "elective" C-sections. Obstetricians hired as "laborists" are increasingly utilized in order to have an around the clock on-site presence at hospitals to assist with vaginal deliveries in order to reduce C-section deliveries when possible. Talk to your OB about your birthing plan.
from Rajesh Harrykissoon, MD